Come to The Event and bid on artworks made by dragons!

Our Art Teacher, Ms Jane, works with our kids and builds on their knowledge and understanding of art. From kindergarten all the way through sixth grade, she sparks inspiration while encouraging growth and exploration!

Each year with the assistance of every single student, she creates masterfully vibrant and whimsical artworks to auction off at The Event! The grade level artworks are carefully planned, executed with each student having taken part, and put together lovingly by Ms Jane. Having an original piece to brighten the hallways of your home is a point of pride! Check out the work she’s started with our students in preparation for The Event, and make sure you buy your tickets, so you can win some amazing artwork for your home!

Kindergarten – a floral Pablo Picasso inspired artwork!
Fourth Grade – a playful piece inspired by Wayne Thiebaud!

Sixth Grade – a celestial inspired Vincent van Gogh piece, painted on a Phoebe Hearst Adirondack chair!

Donate to Room 14’s Service Project (Dollar Free Dress 4/5/24)

Look out dragons! We have a Dollar Free Dress to look forward to!

This Friday, April 5th, bring a donation for Mrs. Harris’ classroom’s service project, supporting RRS (Refugee Resettlement Services)! Bring in a cash donation to help our 5th graders meet their goal of $1000 to donate for this amazing cause.

Other items are appreciated for donation as well – please bring in: dish soap; cleansers; sponges; kitchen towel; laundry detergent; waste baskets; trash bags; toilet paper; shampoo; soap; toothbrushes; toothpaste; deodorant; shaving supplies; feminine products.

Any donations can be dropped off in the office or Room 14, please be sure to get all donations in by Monday April 8th by 8:30 am so they can be taken with the class to the Sacramento Food Bank.

Phoebe’s Got Talent

Dragon Fam! Come out for some great times and fantastic performances done by our amazing community!

So many talented kids, and so many enthusiastic educators will take the stage this Thursday, April 4, 5:30pm at Miwok Middle School. (For students performing, please arrive at 5pm.)

Don’t miss it!