School Site Council

What is the School Site Council?

The Phoebe Hearst Elementary School Site Council consists of 6 parents and 6 school faculty/staff (including our principal, Ms. Hansen).  The council works to develop, review and evaluate the school’s various programs as well as deciding where to allocate categorical money we receive from the district. In the past, the site council has created a school enrichment program, allocated several thousands of dollars and purchased audiovisual equipment (LCD projectors, computers and laptops) for various classrooms, and updated the school’s School Development and Improvement Plan (our school’s general school plan on educating our kids and enriching their academic achievement).  We partner with the PTO and the school district to foster an environment that encourages parent involvement and optimizing communications between the school, parents and students.  We provide representation to the District Advisory Committee (DAC), which is a body that provides guidance to the school district.

I am a parent (or teacher or school employee) and would like to participate in the site council, how do I get involved?

The site council meetings are open to the general school public.  Our meeting days and times are listed on the school website after the school year begins, and are generally on the 1st Tuesdays of the month from 3pm – 5pm.  We meet on the school grounds (typically in the library).  If you are interested in becoming a site council member, nominations and elections of new parents and teachers/staff occur annually in the fall.  Calls for nominations occur during the first week of school and the election typically occurs during Back to School Night in September.  For questions, you may call the council chair or the principal.

What is the difference between the school site council and the PTO?

The site council works to develop, review and evaluate the school’s various programs as well as deciding where to allocate categorical money we receive from the district, whereas the PTO strives to provide opportunities to enhance our children’s education and growth through community building, by fostering family friendly events, such as the Harvest Festival, Winter Craft Fair, Movie Nights, and Family Dinner/Activity nights.  The PTO has two major fundraisers, the Jogathon which is the primary funding source for our wonderful art program, and The Event which is currently supporting technology upgrades.  In addition to funding our art program and technology, money raised by the PTO also help pay for music, educational assemblies, classroom field trips as well as needed financial support for classroom enrichment.

How much time does it take to be a site council member?

Typically, site council members allocate approximately 2 hours per month to attend the monthly meeting.  In between the monthly meetings, communications between site council members are typically through emails.  At certain times of the year, you may be asked to chair or be involved in a subcommittee which may meet an additional 1-2 hours/month.