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  • Summer Matters, Library, & Traffic Safety

    As we enter this Memorial Day weekend, our hearts are heavy with news of the tragedy that happened at Uvalde Elementary School in Texas.  The grief and sadness for the loss of innocent lives is unimaginable.  I appreciate the families that have reached out about site safety and how to help.  Phoebe Hearst is one of the safest sites in SCUSD as we are fully fenced with locked gates during school hours.  One of our SCUSD school psychologists shared parent resources for families that would like further support.  

    Summer Matters
    SCUSD Summer Matters school sites have now been confirmed and applications are now officially live. Unfortunately, Phoebe Hearst is not on the list for Summer Matters and we will not be running a fee-based program. However, there are many other nearby school sites on the list!  The link below will take you to the Youth Development Website where you can sign your student up for Summer Program. The applications will be due by June 10th.

    Library Books Due
    Next week is the last week for school library. All Phoebe
    Hearst library books should be returned by Friday, June 3 rd.

    It’s Hot!
    We are out of cups for our drinking fountains.  Please send your child with a water bottle so they can stay hydrated in this hot weather. Thank you!

    Traffic Safety
    Help needed with traffic counts

    Our Traffic Safety Committee is collecting data in and around our parking lot to put real numbers to the volume and movement of cars during dropoff and pickup. If you can help take traffic counts before or after school next week (May 31 – June 3), please reach out to

    Phoebe Bike Bus
    We had such a good week on the Bike Bus! We got new riders and all our bikers got stronger. It is always so fun to ride in a group. Together, Phoebe Hearst students rode more than 400 miles on the Bike Bus in May. It is going so well that we are going to keep it up until the end of the school year. That’s right – June is also Bike Month! If your child wants to ride with us, they do not need a parent to join. We have enough adults to help all of our riders. Join us at 7:30 am at 35th and M St, or anywhere on M St as we ride by. 

    Thank you,
    Michelle Pechette 

  • Open House, Moana Jr., The Party & Traffic Safety

    Open House COVID Protocols:
    Teachers have been actively preparing to welcome families to Open House on May 25th at 5:30 pm.  Please join us on the blacktop at 5:30 pm sharp for staff introductions.  

    On May 11th our district communicated updated COVID protocols pertaining to large outdoor gatherings to all SCUSD families.    Per the updated guidance, all students, families and staff attending open house will be required to wear a mask while indoors.   We have been experiencing an increase of COVID cases.  Mask wearing will reduce the risk of students and staff contracting COVID and being absent during the last days left of the school year.  We will have masks and hand sanitizer available for all.  Please ensure that you stay home if you are experiencing any symptoms.  

    Phoebe’s production of Moana Jr is May 21st and 22nd

    Tickets are now available for Phoebe Hearst’s production of Moana Jr, May 21st and 22nd at the Land Park Amphitheater. We have two casts with 2 shows each, so check cast lists before you purchase. You can buy tickets here:

    The PARTY
    Come join us for an adult only get together at Tower Brewery on Saturday, May 21st at 5:00 pm.  This is a celebration for our Phoebe community – past & present with live music, a food truck and beverages available for purchase.  Our live music is provided by our very own Mr. Iliff’s band, The Why Nots.  See you there!

    Traffic Safety:
    Get involved and be a part of the Drop Off/Pick Up team
    For information on being a volunteer at drop off and pick up times please click on the link below, and fill out the form. The dedicated and involved families that are a part of our community help our school run smoothly, thank you for doing your part. Click here!

    May is Bike Month! 
    Thanks to those of you who have already pedaled into school. We would love to see you continue to ride next week and welcome new riders to get to school by bike so we’re offering a little incentive to do so. Participation in the Bike to School Week Program is easy. For all students who ride their bike to school during the week of May 23-27th, they will receive some bike swag and a $10 Jamba gift card to say “thank you” for your contribution to supporting a cleaner environment and a healthier you. A parent volunteer will be located at the bike racks in the morning when you get to school with a sign in sheet each day to log your participation. Students will be able to pick up their swag and gift card in the office on Friday June 3rd. As a bonus, any student who bikes to school all 5 days during this week, will receive an additional prize; we look forward to seeing you out there.

    Important Dates:

    May 30th – Memorial Day – No School

    June 15th & 16th – Minimum Days

    June 16th – Last Day of School

    Thank you!
    Michelle Pechette