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  • Traffic, BTSN, Jog-a-thon & Chipotle

    Hello, Phoebe families,

    We made it to our 6th day of school. As students and staff ease into our normal school schedule, I wanted to share what our focus has been to aid to the already amazing Phoebe culture. As a staff, we talked about the need to build strong relationships with those students that we serve. Together we watched this  video on ways in which we can become students of our students. Students who feel seen are always more apt to learn.

    Would you like to volunteer for traffic help in the mornings?  

    Mr. Isaac could use your help as a crossing guard, opening car doors, and moving cars along the drop-off line. Please email me if you would like to help.

    Drop-off Tutorial Video

    Back to School Night Dates:
    We will be holding virtual Back to School NIghts on the following dates:

    Kinder – September 20th
    1st, 2nd – September 21st
    3rd, 4th – September 22nd
    5th, 6th – September 23rd

    More information will come from your child’s teacher. Please reach out to them with any questions.

    PTO News:
    Jog-a-thon Kickoff!
    Jog-a-thon fundraising officially kicks off today! Our most favorite event is scheduled for October 22. Students have until Sept 24 to earn pledges (and recruit sponsors!) to raise funds for our school. 

    Donations can be made super easily online – just share this link with friends and family:

    Dine & Donate @ Chipotle:
    When: September 14th between 4 and 8 pm
    Where: Chipotle at 5738 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819
    How: You can order ahead for pick up, but be sure to use the promo code! 7RJDZHZ 

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
    Michelle Pechette

  • Tomorrow is the BIG day!

    Hello Phoebe families,

    Tomorrow is the big day.  We are SO excited to welcome our dragons to campus.  I want to assure you that we are making all of the necessary preparations to ensure an environment that is safe both emotionally and physically.  As such, there will be many staff members on campus early to guide students where they need to go when they walk through our gates.  Our current guidance does not allow for families to be on campus just yet.  As always, we are here to support our students and families in any way that we can.

    Tomorrow’s Shortened Day Schedule:
    Every Thursday will be a shortened day schedule.  That includes tomorrow.  Our schedule is as follows:

    Kinder 8:00-12:40
    1st-3rd 8:00-1:02
    4th-6th 8:00-1:17

    Testing on site:
    We now have two health aides on campus at all times to assist us with our COVID health and safety protocols.  They will help with screening in the morning and with testing on site.  Our testing schedule is as follows:

    Tuesdays – 2:00-2:45
    Thursdays – 1:00-1:45

    If you need additional information, please contact our lead health aide, Jersey Fatlowitz at

    Thank you and we will see you tomorrow!
    Michelle Pechette