Recent News

  • School Social Worker

    Phoebe will have a social worker on campus every Monday, we are thrilled to welcome Amber Henrichs to our campus and community. As she will be here once a  week, her schedule will be based on a three tiered system of support. Teachers can make a referral as needed, or if you/your family is in need of support, please reach out to Mr. Martin in the admin office.

    The Tier System of Support

    I – Mindfulness for classes, class circles, and classroom presentations.
    II – Small groups based on need
    III – Limited individuals

    Read here to learn more about Ms. Amber.

  • Our Traffic Volunteer Team Needs YOU!

    Join your fellow parent volunteers and keep Phoebe families safe at drop off and pick up. Connect with our community and put a smile kids’ faces too!

    Volunteer Crossing Guards are needed to safely guide pedestrians through crosswalks.

    A recurring commitment for the same day of the week and time for the fall term is strongly preferred. Even if you  are only available on Tuesday afternoons each week, that’s a huge help!

    Mr. Isaac and Mrs. Lorry are happy to answer your questions: [email protected]

    Helpers are needed for both morning and afternoon pick up

    • 7:30 to 8:30 in the mornings
    • 1:45 to 2:30 in the afternoons (or 12:45-1:30 on Thursday afternoons)

    Afternoon spots are especially hard to fill, so please consider helping out.