Common Core Standards

Phoebe Hearst, along with the rest of the state, uses the Common Core Standards.

About GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)

“The Sacramento City Unified School District is committed to supporting gifted and high ability students who represent diverse socio-economic, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The District’s instructional programs for Gifted and Talented students are based on the principles that all students have potential and should have equal opportunities to develop their individual capabilities, interests, and needs. We believe that students should receive specialized learning opportunities which are relevant, rigorous and well-rounded.” 

Phoebe Hearst is one of five GATE Centers in Sacramento City Unified School District. The GATE program begins in 2nd Grade. Students across the district are tested in the first grade for eligibility through multiple measures including the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT), District Benchmark score data, and teacher and parent survey information. Once students are identified, their families may choose to enter the lottery for a seat in our 2nd grade cohort. This cohort of children will travel together through 6th grade. Students in our GATE classes can expect to be challenged by very rigorous curriculum, speaking and creative opportunities, many fieldtrips, and particular focus on shifting to the newly adopted Common Core State Standards.

All Phoebe Hearst GATE Teachers have special certification in GATE instruction. Their certification emphasizes expertise in differentiated instruction and implementation of Language Arts Curriculum from the College of William and Mary.

Technology at Phoebe Hearst

Phoebe Hearst has a fully functioning technology lab. The Common Core State Standards call for students to have proficiency in technology, and as a school we are committed to providing this instruction. The Smarter Balanced Assessment, which will replace the STAR exam, is an all online test. Helping our students prepare to navigate this exam with proficiency is an additional goal of our technology program.

The lab is equipped with a computer cart of 33 MacBooks, LCD projector, wireless booster, and Apple TV.  Through a grant funded by SECC (Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium) and with the help of the Phoebe PTO the Technology Lab now includes a SEVA studio. The SEVA studio equipment includes a green screen, studio lights, 5 Canon camcorders, Sony wireless microphone system, Prompter, 4 tripods and a tripod with dolly.

Students in grades first through fourth have scheduled Technology Lab time with the our Tech teacher, Mrs. Planchon. All other grades can schedule time to use the lab with their classroom teacher. Various websites and software programs have been chosen to support teaching and learning of the CCSS, and to promote content creation in alignment with grade level goals.

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