Jog-a-thon 2020

WEEK OF NOVEMBER 16-20, 2020

Art credit: On-call artist Rebekah

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You can see clips of our 2020 Virtual Jog-a-thon here. Thank you Jog-a-thon sponsors and families for supporting Phoebe Hearst.

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Fastest 6th Graders

These sixth graders ran one mile in the shortest time (in addition to also running for 15 minutes for the Jog-a-thon!):

Lilly Hall6:55
Maya Estacio7:11
Gillian Passovoy7:23

Distance Winners

The following students ran the farthest during the 15 minute Jog-a-Thon.


NameDistance (miles)
Simon Attia2
Evelyn Landberg1.24
Connor Popish1.2
Omri Rieger1.2
Benjamin Mason1.2

1st Grade

NameDistance (miles)
Miles Sussman1.83
Sophia Bjurstrom1.73
Teddy Bewley1.5

2nd Grade

NameDistance (miles)
Reiley Miller2
Chea Kim1.72
Antonio Chavez1.68

3rd Grade

NameDistance (miles)
Kyle Johnson2.01
Matteo Galizio2
Aaron DeWald1.82

4th Grade

NameDistance (miles)
Walker Trask2.2
Armando Chavez1.68
Isabella Bjurstrom1.63

5th Grade

NameDistance (miles)
Chase Brinzer2.3
Nathan Leon2.1
Ella Start1.82

6th Grade

NameDistance (miles)
Maya Estacio2.1
Madison Lee2
Gillian Passovoy2
Giovanni Galizio2

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