Home Run Reader

October 2, 2023-March 31, 2024

Phoebe Hearst will launch our Home Run Reader program on October 2nd, 2023. Please join us at 8am line up for the kick off!

What is it?

Home Run Reader is our school-wide reading incentive program that will run October 2, 2023-March 31, 2024.  Students log the number of minutes they read outside of school per month. This four-level, tiered, reading incentive program comes with rewards… the more you read, the more you win!  The program culminates with an annual prize distribution for all students who have turned in a log/logs.  We celebrate with a school wide Home Run Reader Night on the lawn at the River Cats game. We have a TENTATIVE River Cats game date set for May 2024. We will confirm the date and more details as it gets closer.

The reward levels are as follows:

● Keep Reading: Earned if a log is turned in and the total minutes read are below the single level.
● Single: Between 1800 minutes/month (Kinder), and 5,400 minutes/month (6th grade)
● Double: Between 2,400 minutes/month (Kinder), and 6,000 minutes/month (6th grade)
● Triple: Between 3,000 minutes (Kinder), and 6,600 minutes/month (6th grade)
● Home Run: Between 3,600 minutes (Kinder), and 7,200 minutes (6th grade)
Please see the full list of reading minutes/month below!


All students are encouraged to participate. Turn in your monthly logs online to earn prizes!


Phoebe Hearst students have a proven track record of excellent reading skills. These skills should be rewarded! Students will also be motivated to take their reading to the next level.

How do we turn in logs?

All reading minutes can tracked on paper logs printed at home, and the monthly totals must be inputted online through the Google Form linked below. Students must submit their monthly totals on the Google Form by the 1st Monday of the following month to be eligible for prizes.

Beginning in October:
  1. Log your daily minutes on the Daily Reading Log Calendar, which you can print at home via the Downloadable Logs below.
  2. Input your total monthly minutes by the first Monday of each month using this form.


We’ll distribute prizes the week of the game to reward students for their minutes read during the program (Oct.-Mar.). To be eligible, submit logs on the Google Form by the 1st Monday of the following month (11/1/23, 12/4/23. 1/8/24, 2/5/24, 3/4/24, 4/1/24). Please see the reading log for the minutes required for each level per month. 

Questions or volunteer opportunity requests? Please email [email protected].

Downloadable Logs:

January PDFDOC
February PDFDOC

Kindergarten1,800 minutes (~300/mo)2,400 minutes (~400/mo)3,000 minutes (~500/mo)3,600 minutes (~600/mo)
1st Grade2,400 minutes (~400/mo)3,000 minutes (~500/mo)3,600 minutes (~600/mo)4,200 minutes (~700/mo)
2nd Grade3,000 minutes (~500/mo)3,600 minutes (~600/mo)4,200 minutes (~700/mo)4,800 minutes (~800/mo)
3rd Grade3,600 minutes (~600/mo)4,200 minutes (~700/mo)4,800 minutes (~800/mo)5,400 minutes (~900/mo)
4th Grade4,200 minutes (~700/mo)4,800 minutes (~800/mo)5,400 minutes (~900/mo)6,000 minutes (~1000/mo)
5th Grade4,800 minutes (~800/mo)5,400 minutes (~900/mo)6,000 minutes (~1000/mo)6,600 minutes (~1100/mo)
6th Grade5,400 minutes (~900/mo)6,000 minutes (~1000/mo)6,600 minutes (~1100/mo)7,200 minutes (~1200/mo)

Click here for a pdf version of Home Run Reader information.

Questions? Interested in volunteering with this program? Please email [email protected]
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