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Attack of the Killer Cabbage Moths!

October 16, 2015

Bad news: The pretty white Moths you might see fluttering around the Fall Garden Crops are a Garden Enemy!!!!
Good news: Cabbage Moth Caterpillars are no match for our Student Gardeners!  It was another great Garden Friday! With the help of two Kinder-buddy classes (Harris/Nazari & Goul/Relles) and Ms. Davis & Ms. Auge’s 1st graders we were able to quickly find and remove these hungry hungry caterpillars before they managed to eat all the Kale starts!

If you have a student participating in a Kinder-Buddy class we encourage you to come join us in the garden! It’s a beautiful thing to witness the 5th graders as they act as tour guides & educators to the Kindergarteners. It gives them the opportunity to impart their three years of garden knowledge on to younger students! They take great pride in these leadership roles and the Kinders are all excited to learn from their wayyyy older very cool peers!!

Have you had a chance to go check it out? We have the following Fall crops in:

Broccoli Rabe
Sugar snap peas
Mesclun Mix Lettuce
Brussels sprouts

Do you know that Phoebe has its own Little Free Library?! We do! It’s installed in the Water Wise Butterfly Garden! They’re popping up all over the place- If you’d like to know more about this cool project click here:

Do you know that we have Student Art on display in the garden year round?! Look for:

Handprint Mural
Mosaic Birdbath
Mosaic stepping stones
Glass Bead Globe Sculpture

Garden Friday’s happen every Friday between 8:30-12:00 and the more the merrier! Come out and join us!!! No experience required.


We Plant. We Sow. We Learn. We Grow!