Dress Code & Uniforms

Mandatory Uniform Policy

  • Bottoms- must be solid navy blue or khaki (beige, not green).  Bagginess (more than 1 size larger), sagging, or over-sized pants are not allowed.  Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length. Leggings are NOT acceptable pants.
  • Tops– including sweaters and sweatshirts must be solid white, navy or forest/hunter green (no logos).  Tank tops or undershirts are not considered uniform tops.  Straps on tops must be at least 3 fingers wide. Spaghetti straps are not permitted.  Tops must cover midriff when arms are raised.
  • Dresses– must be solid navy or khaki, at least fingertip length, and with at least 3 fingers wide straps.
  • Shoes must have low heels; no higher than one inch.  Sandals, crocs, or open toed shoes are not permitted for safety reasons.
  • Socks or tights must be worn at all times and must be uniform color of navy blue, black, or white. Leggings must be navy blue or white and may not be worn as pants.
  • Jackets (not sweatshirts) can be any color, but may not have logos of any kind.  This includes sports team logos, name brand logos, or any other manufacturer logo. No jackets should be worn in the classroom, unless they are uniform colors.
  • The only logo permitted is the school “PH” or dragon logo.

Inappropriate Dress
Students are expected to dress appropriately for school everyday, including non-uniform days.  The following is considered inappropriate dress:

  • Baggies (baggy pants or shirts with inappropriate pictures, slogans, or logos depicting or advocating violence, hate, obscenity, or gang related material)
  • Leggings worn as pants
  • Bicycle shorts, cut‑offs, holes in knees or anywhere, and untailored shorts
  • Bare midriff or see‑through shirts/blouses or tank tops
  • Thong style sandals, any shoe without heel straps, backs, or open toes, high heels (1 inch or higher), stilts, clogs, cleats or spikes, wheelies and sandals.
  • Socks, or tights, any other color than navy blue, black, or white.
  • Hair dyes of unnatural color, glitter on faces/make-up, tattoos
  • Hats/visors (in class), bandanas

In addition to the above, any clothing, hairstyle, or jewelry that is considered unsafe or disruptive to the learning environment is inappropriate for school.  Gang-related clothing can be cause for suspension from school.  The success of the uniform policy depends on all adults enforcing the policy.  Uniform checks are made first thing in the morning.  Students may be sent to the office before school begins or during recess. In most cases we have extra uniform items for students to borrow if they are out of uniform. If students are habitually out of uniform, or we do not have a replacement in their size, we will call parents to bring different clothes. We respect that parents do not want to be called away from work, so please try to check your child’s attire before they leave in the morning.

Dress Code Procedures
The purpose of a uniform plan for our site is to:

  1. focus on school as a place for learning
  2. prevent a focus on clothing label competition
  3. prevent the wearing of inappropriate types of clothing
  4. to develop a sense of school spirit and unity

School uniforms are mandatory beginning on the first day of school.  Students will be required to wear uniforms every day except the last Friday of each month.  Sixth graders who donate a least one uniform to the school at the end of the year, will be permitted to wear regular clothes during the last week of school.

The dress code at Phoebe Hearst School sets a standard that is in the best interest of students and is considered appropriate at the elementary school level.  All students are expected to be neat, clean, and wear apparel that does not draw undue attention to the wearer.  Clothing and shoes should be worn that are sensible for physical activities such as running, jumping, and kicking.  Safety should be a factor when dressing for school.

If a child is not wearing a uniform, one or more of the following may be expected:

  1. A reminder notice/or phone call will be sent home
  2. A phone call will be made to the parent/guardian requesting they bring a change of clothes
  3. The child will be asked to change into clothing from our uniform closet located here at the school.
  4. If the child is wearing inappropriate shoes for the playground and the parent cannot bring them another pair, the child will have to sit on the bench or in the office during recess for their own safety.

If at any time the school alters the dress code for a special occasion, notification will be sent home.