Drop Off & Pick Up at Phoebe Hearst


Arrive Earlier
Arriving between 7:30 – 7:45 a.m. lowers the stress of traffic by over 50%

Pay Attention to Crossing Areas
The parking lot has several pedestrian crossing areas. Become familiar where the crossing points are located.

Our parking lot has a 5 mph limit.

Stay in Your Car
Drivers using the drop-off or pick-up lane must remain in their car at all times. If your child needs additional help, please park in the lot or in a designated spot on the street and walk them in. We have to keep the line of traffic flowing effectively.

Move All the Way Up
To allow as many cars as possible in the drop-off and pick-up lane, you must move up to the Kindergarten gate before letting your child out or picking them up. This alleviates the backlog of cars waiting to enter the school parking lot (See Map).

It is illegal to turn left from the drop-off lane
After your child has exited your vehicle, you must either turn right onto Folsom Blvd or turn left within the parking lot to exit onto 60th St (See Map).
Arriving before 7:30. There is no adult supervision available until 7:30

Parking in handicap spots without a sticker or placard

Parking in the white loading zones on 60th St. Parking on 60th in the white loading zone slows the flow of traffic.

There’s nothing more important than the safety of our dragons, and we need your help to continue doing just that!

Get involved and be a part of the Drop Off/Pick Up team.

For information on being a volunteer at drop off and pick up times please click on the link below, and fill out the form. The dedicated and involved families that are a part of our community help our school run smoothly, thank you for doing your part.

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