Holiday Drive – 2021

The 2021 Holiday Drive is here!

The Holiday drive was a huge success, the phoebe community has done it again!Together we’ve collected over 500 items and helped 25 families have some extra joy this holiday season. 
Thank you for your generosity! 

This year, we are excited to get back to partnering with a local organization to support foster youth right here in Sacramento. This time of year can be particularly difficult for these families, many of whom would typically not receive anything for the holidays. Some of the families on the list have NEVER received gifts.

With your help we can make the holidays brighter. Each classroom will receive an adopted family with a link to the families dream list. Please bring your unwrapped gift with a tag with the child’s name to your child’s classroom by Wednesday Dec 15. (New Deadline!)

How to get involved:

  • Reserve a gift on your class list which can be found here: It’s important to have the same number of items per child so please keep this in mind when selecting a gift.
  • Deliver your NEW, UNWRAPPED gift LABELED with the recipient’s name and family name by December 15 (New Deadline!) to your child’s classroom.
  • Want to do more? We are also working with the Children’s Law Center on their Blanket, Bear and Book drive. The children the CLC work with can choose one of these items to help comfort them when they arrive to the courtroom. We will be collecting these NEW items in the School Office through December 15. (New Deadline!)


Does our class need to buy everything on the family’s wish list?

  •  The wish lists are simply meant to serve as a guide for your shopping. You are not required to purchase everything on the family’s list. Though it is encouraged!

Can two or more families go in together to purchase a larger requested item?

  • Yes, absolutely!

How much should our class spend?

  • The programs that we are partnering with recommend spending about $50-75 per family member, this is cumulative for all the items listed for each family member. You can spend whatever you are comfortable with for an individual gift, all gifts are appreciated!

Do I need to buy the exact items listed?

  • No, the items listed are just to serve as a guide. You can use the sizes and theme preferences to come up with a new idea.

Can we donate gently used items?

  • The program has asked that all gifts are brand new, no used items will be accepted for this particular program.

What if all the items on my class list are taken? 

  • Wow, your class is rockstar status! You can check out the complete list of families here: and find another family in need. Please deliver the items to the assigned classroom.

Thank you for supporting local foster youth. Below are links for each classroom, where you can get information about your foster family.

Please Note:

  • The wish list has gift suggestions to help with your shopping. 
  • Students can reserve an item from the wish list by clicking “reserve.” If a student reserves a “coat” from the list but wants to pick out their own coat at a store, they are welcome to do so.  If a student wants to buy toy cars, they should “reserve” the item on the Wish List but can chose any toy car gift they like. 
  • The Wish List should help the class in purchasing and tracking items, it will help your classroom know what is still needed. The list is a guide to prevent duplicates, we don’t need 10 winter coats.
  • We only require that the items be new, unused, with tags or in original packaging.
  • You will find sizes on the actual item you reserve.    

Mrs. Relles 
Mrs. Nazari
Mrs. Watson
Mrs. Corcoran 

First Grade:
Mrs. Healy
Mrs. Lozano 
Mrs. Vancil 
Mrs. Davis 

Second Grade:
Mrs. Martinez 
Mrs. Ching 
Mrs. Cluff 
Mrs. Wagner 

Third Grade:
Ms. Lewandowski 
Mrs. Robello 
Mrs. Butterfield 
Mrs. Warren 

Fourth Grade:
Mr. lliff 
Mr. White 
Ms. Dighero 

Fifth Grade:
Mr. Goul 
Mrs. Harris 
Mr. Fraiser 

Sixth Grade:
Mr. Henrikson 
Mr. Meyer 
Mrs. Rupert