Distance Learning – Parent FAQ

The following FAQ was compiled from questions asked during the Principal’s Informational Zoom meeting on Monday, August 31. The Power Point Presentation from that meeting can be found here.

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This FAQ will continue to be updated to have the most current information. Last updated 10/24/20.

Schedules, calendars, absences

  • What time does school start?
    • Beginning Tuesday, September 9, classes will begin at 8:00am.
  • Should children wear uniforms for Zoom classes?
    • Uniforms are not necessary but are welcome. Students should wear clothes, not pajamas. Please keep toys, pets, and other distractions away from the study area.
  • What if my child is absent?
    • Please call in all absences to our school office. 916-395-4685 x1
  • Will there be a way for a student to make-up a class if they are sick or have technical issues?
    • Yes, we will accommodate students as always. 
  • What are the schedules for students?
  • Will all students have the same recess breaks and lunch times so that siblings will have the same break schedule? 
  • How will tardies be dealt with?
    • We do not have a procedure in place for tardies.
  • Is there school on Labor Day?
    • No. Monday, September 7 is a holiday.
  • Will there be a virtual Back to School Night?
    • You will get to meet virtually with your student’s teacher. Many teachers have already reached out to meet virtually with families. 
  • Is the school applying for a waiver so we can have in-person class?
    • This is a district decision, not a site-based decision.  
  • When is Spring Break?


  • Will students be assessed?
    • Common assessments will begin school-wide on September 10. 
  • How will we turn in paper assignments (such as for kindergarteners)?
    • This is to be determined by individual teachers. We may have a periodic drive-by drop-off. We recognize that it was tedious in the spring when some parents had to scan and upload student work.
  • How will tests be administered?
    • They will be administered in a variety of ways. Some will be online and some will need to be done one-on-one Zoom.
  • Will we get textbooks?
    • Yes.
  • What if my student struggles with so much screen time?
    • Please reach out to your teacher and the principal. We are here to support you.

Enrichment and Community

  • With SCUSD’s focus on Language Arts and Mathematics in the Return to Learn Plan, will my child continue to receive the enrichment that Phoebe Hearst is known for?
    • Many of our students are in the GATE program and are quick learners. Some teachers will be incorporating social studies and science into the curriculum. We will also have art, technology, and P.E. 
  • Will there be after-school enrichment opportunities?
  • What about 4th R?
    • We haven’t had any communication from 4th R yet.
  • Will parents be able to volunteer?
    • Parents will not be able to come to campus to volunteer. Check with your student’s teacher regarding whether you can help them remotely.
  • Will there be any school-wide spirit weeks?
  • How will the school communicate with us?
    • The principal plans to send weekly calls and emails on Sundays through Infinite Campus (IC). Our website will also be a major source of communication. 

Technology Issues

  • Why haven’t I heard from my student’s teacher yet?
    • Recently many SCUSD emails have been going to spam for Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, and Hotmail, and vice versa. If you haven’t heard from your child’s teacher, please check your spam filters. (For example, in Gmail, search for: label:spam scusd.edu.)  If you haven’t received a reply from Ms. Pechette, SCUSD’s spam filters may have kept it from her. You can also reach her on her cell phone by text at 916-752-3596. 
  • What is IC?
    • IC is Infinite Campus, which is the system through which the principal sends out school-wide emails and automated phone calls. 
  • Will I need to sit by my child all day?
    • We do not expect you to be available to assist your child all day. We are hoping to have everything accessible to students through logging into Clever, so they will not need multiple logins.
  • What is Clever?
    • Clever is a portal that SCUSD uses to allow a single login for students. Once they login to Clever, they have access to Google Classroom and other educational platforms.
  • What is a Clever badge?
    • Clever badges are QR codes that younger students hold up to their computer camera to login. Clever badges can be printed by logging in (using student’s Google credentials), click on your child’s name in the top right corner, and then click on Download Badge. 
  • How do I provide suggestions or comments about the school website?


  • How do we find the class Zoom link?
    • Students must login to Zoom through their Google Classroom link.
  • Will Zoom classes be recorded with students’ video and audio?
    • We don’t know yet. Teachers are not currently required to record their Zoom classes. Any teacher who chooses to record a Zoom must notify all students at the beginning of the session and allow them to turn off their cameras among other security measures. 
  • Can a student record a Zoom class?
    • No, recording will be disabled for students.
  • Is there a contingency plan if Zoom has a system-wide failure?
    • There is not a contingency plan for the failure of Zoom. However, our students will be using Google Classroom which also has a video conference feature.