Valentine’s Spirit Day, After-school Clubs, Lightspeed

Valentine’s Spirit Day 2/12

This Friday will be a spirit day for our Phoebe students.  All Phoebe students have the option of wearing pink, purple, or red for Valentine’s Day.  

After-school Clubs Sign-ups

After-school clubs are here!  We have several clubs that will be starting very soon such as:

  • Fitness Club (Mon 2:30-3:15) – Ms. Dighero Sign-Up
  • Minecraft Club (Mon 4:00-5:00) – Ms. Nava and Ms. Wagner Sign-Up
  • Nature Bowl Club (TBD) – Ms. Warren Sign-ups coming soon
  • Music Club (Thurs 2:30-3:15) – Mr. Manricks, Mr. Martinez & Ms. Harris Sign-Up
  • Speech & Debate Club (Wed 2:15-3:15) – Mr. White Sign-ups coming soon

Please click on the sign-up links for more information about that specific club.  Some of our clubs are still in development.  Sign-ups will be coming very soon.  

Lightspeed Classroom Management

Phoebe will be participating in a 2 week trial of Lightspeed’s Classroom Management. This product will allow teachers to view & control the window of student’s district Chrome browser windows. Teachers will not be able to see additional windows on personal devices nor information from personal Chrome browsers. Our hope is that teachers will be able to create a more engaged and streamlined instructional experience for your children. It is important to note that, as this is our first use of this product, we are hoping to learn about best practices. Thank you for your patience as we figure out if we should adopt this product and if so, how to best roll it out to the entire district. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Nova Katz, our district instructional technology coordinator at

The list of Phoebe teachers participating in the 2 week trial are:

Thank you and have a wonderful week!
Michelle Pechette
Phoebe Hearst Elementary