Jog-a-thon – Important Updates

Hello Phoebe Families,

Thank you to all of the families who have started sending in donations & business sponsorships for jog-a-thon! In order to continue the programs that many of our families rely on (our art program, teacher support and creating new outdoor spaces for learning when we return to school), it is essential that we raise these funds.

First, watch this video produced by our amazing teachers to pump you and your kiddos up!

This is our very first virtual jog-a-thon, so naturally we’ve received a few inquiries along the way. Here are answers to most common questions…

Why is this jog-a-thon important? Doesn’t Phoebe have plenty of money?

Phoebe Hearst does not receive the same amount in title one funds that other SCUSD district schools receive. Funding received from the district is just enough to cover the school’s operational expenses. Any “extras” (art, campus work, garden, library, teacher support, offsetting costs of field trips) comes from money that we fundraise as a school.

Last year PTO operated on a regular budget – unaware that COVID-19 was right around the corner. With the cancellation of our Spring fundraiser, we ended the year with a deficit of $15,000. We do not expect to have a Spring Event this year due to safety and social distancing requirements. Due to this, we hope to meet our fundraising goals with one fundraiser – jog-a-thon!

What do I need to do to fundraise?

Deadline to donate AND receive Phoebe swag is Monday, October 26th at 8 am. You can submit donations and qualify for the cool Phoebe prizes in these ways:

  1. Fundraise with friends and family. You can share the jog-a-thon donation link with them or collect the funds and submit it all at once. Drop donations in the office OR submit via this online donation link.
  2. Find business interested in sponsoring. If you know of a business who would like to donate and have their logo added to the official jog-a-thon shirt (donations of $300 or more), you can send them the online donation link as well. Kids who bring in business sponsors get those dollars attributed to the Phoebe prizes!
  3. Visit this link to enter your sizes for Phoebe prizes.

Once the fundraising phase is complete, we’ll distribute the Phoebe gear and get ready to run the week of November 16th – 20th! Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, you can visit Phoebe’s jog-a-thon page for more information.

Thank you,

Phoebe Hearst PTO