End of Year Message

Good evening Phoebe families,

As we come to the close of our school year, I wanted to share a few final thoughts.

We are still waiting on yearbooks.  When the shipment arrives, we will alert families of a pick up date and time.

If you have not had an opportunity to pick up student belongings or drop off library books this week you will have one more chance tomorrow from 10-11am.  If your student has medications housed in the office, please pick them up on Thursday at 10 am.  

During the summer I will be getting married.  My last name will change to Mrs. Pechette.

If you have moved or are planning to move to a different school district and your children will be enrolling in a different school for the 20/21 school year, please email Yuliya Vathis.

In response to current events our staff has come together to have courageous conversations about racism.  We are committed to continue the work.  Through site funds, we have purchased culturally responsive classroom libraries for every classroom at Phoebe.  These libraries are rich with literature that represents diverse cultures.  The stories will give students the opportunity to meet people unlike themselves.  Then teachers will have the opportunity to teach children empathy and prospective.  We know that it’s not just about what we say, it’s about what we do for our children.  We are committed to putting our words into action.

Please stay safe and have a wonderful summer.

Michelle Hansen (Pechette)
Phoebe Hearst Elementary