Communication to Phoebe Families

Good morning, Phoebe families,

I hope this message finds you well.  I really appreciate those families that have reached out to offer support in different ways through this very unprecedented time in our history. I love seeing all of the inventive ways that parents are keeping their children busy and all of the community service that is happening around our neighborhoods.  I have witnessed students making appreciation posters for their trash collectors. I know there were some families that participated in a hidden shamrock game in their neighborhood where adults put up shamrocks before St. Patrick’s Day and students walked around searching for them. There is a great sense of community with all of our families. 

In the next coming days you will be receiving a phone call from your child’s teacher checking in with you.  The purpose of this call is to gather information so that we may move ahead with our distance learning plans.  

Please know that we are all working diligently to come up with a learning plan that meets the needs of all students.  

Thank you and be well.

Michelle Hansen
Phoebe Hearst Elementary