Thank You

Dear Phoebe Families,

Well, we’ve done it again! Just when I thought that last year was the record-breaking year that could never be topped (which I said the year before, and the year before that…), our Phoebe community has come out in full force to support the school’s efforts to bring art, music, and experiential learning to every Dragon. This year, we raised over $94,000, in a little over two weeks.  Ninety-four thousand dollars!  We are equal parts grateful, amazed, and completely moved by the support.  Whether it was securing corporate sponsorships, by going door-to-door in the neighborhood, asking every known relative for help, or donating from their own piggy banks, your little dragons took this challenge on, and crushed it!  As we increase our fundraising efforts and outcomes each year, we will continue to expand the arts program and experiential learning opportunities to enhance your student’s day at Phoebe.  This year, we would love your feedback on how we can improve, so please fill out this Google form with your thoughts (!  We will use the feedback to help inform the decision-making process and we’ll share out the results when complete.

As with anything we do, we look to improve on and grow from previous efforts.  Students around campus have been talking about wanting to run more laps than last year, and I love it!  By the time of the race, we will have already had a final visit from the one-and-only Jog-a-thon Spirit Squad, the 2018 PH Jog-a-thon swag will have made its way to classrooms and into the hands of students, and we will have given out countless prizes, including several grand prizes, in the raffle.  Next week will be full of excitement, celebration, and competition – let’s make it our best one yet.


Mr. McGill


Time Grade Run Time Water and rest
8:30-8:55 K 10 10
9:00-9:25 1 10 10
9:30-9:55 2 15 10
10:00-10:25 3 15 10
10:30-10:55 4 15 10
11:00-11:25 6 15 10
11:30-11:55 5 15 10


The ‘Fastest Sixth Grader’ races will be immediately following the 5th grade race.