February Newsletter

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Dear Phoebe Families,

When I see a piece of trash on the ground, a funny thing happens, it’s almost a reflex.  My mother’s shrill voice rings out, “Nathan! Pick up your trash! I’m not your maid!” While I was never the at the top of my class, I had enough sense to know that my mother was, in fact, not paid to pick up after me.  Furthermore, I grew accustomed to her constant reminders – some subtle, others brusque – that still infiltrate my consciousness every day.  As a young person, I needed that reinforcement often, as it is a skill to keep things orderly and clean (the inside of my car is a good example of my own inconsistency in this area).  

The value of taking pride in one’s school by keeping it clean goes beyond the aesthetic benefits; cleaning up after ourselves in the space we spend the majority of our waking hours is more about a shared responsibility for our school.  It shows that we take pride in our learning environment, and that extends to the recesses and lunch time as well.  By December of this year, we had been not been picking up after ourselves during lunch to our standards. As a result, every grade had to eat in the cafeteria through January in order to practice its clean-up skills.  Now as we move into February, I am happy to report that we have put in the necessary work to once again have the privilege of eating outside.  I ask that parents continue talking to their kids about picking up after themselves and reminding others of our shared responsibility of keeping Phoebe beautiful and clean.


Thank you,

Mr. McGill


Family Dance!

This Friday from 6-8pm in our cafeteria is the Family Dance!  The theme of this year’s dance is ‘Lost in Space,’ so the glow sticks will abound.  This is a free event and the whole family is invited, we hope to see you there.

February Holidays

There will be no school on February 12th in observance of Lincoln’s birthday, as well as February 19th in observance of President’s Day.

Girls on the Run Registration

There are still spots available for Phoebe Hearst Lady Dragons in grades 3-5 for the stellar Girls on the Run program!  

“At Girls on the Run, a 501c3 non-profit, we inspire girls to recognize their inner strength and celebrate what makes them one of a kind.  Trained volunteer coaches use our research-based curricula to teach foundational lessons through dynamic discussions, activities and running games.  Over the course of the 10-week program, girls in 3rd-5th grade develop essential skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness.  Our program culminates with girls positively impacting their communities through a service project and being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k event.

To register and for more information, visit ‘www.gotrsac.org’

Fliers Included 

In this month’s newsletter, there are fliers for after school enrichment classes, our PTO newsletter, the ‘Phoebe’s Got Talent’ sign-up form (tryouts start February 13th!), the Home Run Reader Log, and the menu from Nutritional Services.FebruaryNewsletterPH