PH Email Blast 8/27

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Dear Phoebe Families,

First Day of School/Schedule

The countdown has begun!  August 31st at 8am is the first day of school, and we are getting ready for another great school year.  Since our bell schedule is the same as last year, Thursday is an early release day: kinder gets out at 12:40, primary at 1:02, and intermediate at 1:17.  Your student will be receiving our ‘First Day Packet’ of important documents, so please make sure those get home to you!  

First Day Coffee

Immediately after the day begins on Thursday (once kinder students have entered their classes, and primary and intermediate students have finished morning announcements), please come to First Day Coffee in the cafeteria, put on by our PTO.  We invite you to enjoy some coffee and goodies, get information about PTO for the year, and socialize with other parents on what is usually a very busy morning!

4th Grade Classes 2017-18

Last year, we discussed how we will organize our 4th grade classes on account of Universal GATE Screening in 3rd grade (we now have more than 60 GATE-identified 4th graders at Phoebe Hearst as a result of this testing).  In anticipation of this, Ms. Lewandowski pursued her GATE certification last year and will be teaching the second GATE class in 4th grade this year along with Mr. White – she’s going to be fabulous (as she always is) in her first year with this class.  Because Phoebe Hearst is a GATE Center in the district, the goal of the program is to provide services to our GATE-identified students, and the numbers this year dictated our decision to have two classes.

With this change, we will put great emphasis as a staff and as a school community on valuing the strengths of all of our students regardless of what class they are in.  By coming to Phoebe Hearst, we as families are saying that we value education and want the best opportunity for our children to reach their potential – having two GATE classes in fourth grade does not change that in the least.  We are fortunate to have dedicated, talented, and collaborative teachers at every grade level and amazing students to fill their classes.  In a number of conversations with the fourth grade team last year, we all agreed on the need for Mr. Iliff, Ms. Lewandowski, and Mr. White to be highly collaborative and have equal academic and behavioral expectations for all students.  I trust them completely to operate as a grade level in this way, and look forward to seeing the results.

I look forward to seeing you all on the first day of school at 8am, sharp!

Mr. McGill