Royal Reader Program Begins!

Hello Phoebe Families,

Phoebe’s unique reading incentive program “Royal Reader” starts October 1st and will run through February 28, 2016. The program will culminate with a Phoebe Hearst Royal Reader Night at a Sacramento Kings game (vs. the Trail Blazers) on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Royal Reader is designed to challenge and reward all students for their extraordinary efforts towards improving their reading skills. This 4 level, tiered, reading incentive program comes with rewards. The more your student reads, the more they win. They will have the opportunity to win: discounted and free tickets to the game, unique Royal Reader t-shirt, Kings prizes, and more! The top 20 readers in the school will get to be in the high-five crew on the court with the player before the game!

Reading logs will be sent home in the monthly packets. Daily reading minutes should be recorded on the logs and they should be returned to the teacher at the end of EVERY month.

We hope you encourage your students to participate in this great program so we can reach our goal of having Phoebe students read over 2 million minutes! See the attachments for more information about the program and the October reading log.

Thank you!

The Phoebe Hearst PTO

Royal Reader Program Info

Royal Reader October Log