School Supplies List 2017-18

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6 Ticonderoga Kiddie Pencils (fat)
12 Ticonderoga #2 pencils
2 boxes of 24 count crayola crayons
4 large glue sticks
3 thick expo dry erase black markers
1 box 10 count Crayola markers
1 black papermate felt tip marker
2 magic rub erasers
1 yellow highlighter
1 box Crayola colored pencils

First Grade:

3 large Elmer’s glue sticks

12 pack of only Ticonderoga #2 pencils

24 pack Crayola Crayons

12 pack Crayola Colored Pencils

1 Foray (only) Double Hole Manual Pencil Sharpener

10 pack Crayola Classic Colors Thick Markers

8 pack Crayola Fine Line Markers

2 standard sized PLASTIC pocket folders in solid red and blue (no brads/metal prongs in the middle)

3 pack Pearl Erasers (pink or white)

2 Papermate green correcting pens

2 skinny Expo Dry Erase Markers (blue or black)

1 thin green highlighter

1 PRIMARY Composition Book (will have picture box in addition to writing lines)

1 box of tissue

1 ream of white and brightly colored copy paper

NOTE: Please do not label student supplies as they will be considered community property. Additionally, your child’s teacher may ask for class specific supply items.

Second Grade:

1 one inch binder
1 pkg wide-ruled notebook paper
2 wide-ruled composition notebooks
1 pkg tab dividers (set of 4-5)
1 box of colored pencils

1 box crayons
1 pkg Ticonderoga pencils
1 pkg EXPO low odor, blue or black, 4-pack whiteboard markers
2 Magic Rub white pencil eraser
1 hand-held (with receptacle) pencil sharpener
1 foot ruler (cm and inch)
2 jumbo glue stick
1 box of facial tissue

1 pkg baby wipes

Third Grade:

Please click on the pdf below for the 3rd Grade Supply List

3rd grade list
Fourth Grade:

Black ultra-fine point sharpies (inking pen)

2 pocket homework folder(s)

Colored pencils, colored sharpies (NO crayons)

Highlighters (no purple)

Pencil pouch

Homework Planner (distributed by school)

1 (3 for Mr. White’s class) one-inch hardback binder- white w/clear display

Glue Sticks, ruler, erasers, scissors

One Single subject notebook (math)

One 3-Subject notebook (homeroom)


Scholastic News magazine payment $7.00 (cash or check, make payable to Scholastic Books)

Scholastic Book payment $5.00 (cash or check, make payable to Scholastic Books)

Wide ruled composition notebook

Reinforced wide ruled binder paper (1 pack)

Fifth Grade:

(1) Ruler (inches and cm)

(5) Extra fine tipped felt pens (black)

(2 pack) Index Cards-blank or lined or color or white or….

(1 box) Colored Pencils (12 or 24 or…)

(1 container) Kleenex

(1 pack) Lined paper college ruled

(1) Dry Erase Marker  (Expo) (not yellow)

(2) packs of #2 Pencils  (Ticonderoga is recommended)

Optional-Mechanical Pencils with extra lead

(2) highlighters (not yellow)

(1) Inexpensive calculator (Less than $5.00)

(1) Hand held pencil sharpener with shavings catcher

(1) Compass (not the North/East/South/West type, the math type)

(1) Protractor

(1) Water bottle / Sports Bottle

(2) Appropriate Reading Books (not graphic novel / anime / comic)

(1) roll of clear tape

(1) box of 50 sheet protectors

(2) pencil pouches

(4) markers (different colors)

(1) one inch white display binder (Goul / Frasier only)

(4) spiral bound college ruled notebooks

(2) pocket folders (Frasier / Harris only)

(1) one flash drive (4 or 8 GB)

(2) glue sticks

Sixth Grade:
Wood ruler (no bendies)
Mechanical and yellow pencils Highlighters
Colored pencils
Ultra fine block marker (sharpie)
College rule filler paper
Scotch tape
Mini stapler
Pencil sharpener Scissors
Pencil pouch
White out
Paper towels
Package of card stock
Plastic page protectors