Who needed a little Re-Coop-erating?! :)

Many of you might have noticed that the head of our hen house- the one and only Mrs. Henrietta Eggan was missing!!!! So here’s the SsssCoop! Complete with a happy ending! The Friday before Thanksgiving Mr. Burkhouse noticed that Mrs. Eggan was having trouble moving and didn’t look very good! We decided to take her to a farm in Loomis where Phoebe Grandparents Bob & Karen Whitman offered to give her some R&R! After a three week stint of daily physical therapy, being hand fed kale fresh from the garden and the rest of the chicken spa treatment- she has Recovered!! She also learned how to play the violin and speak french…. just kidding but her recovery is still pretty egg-citing)!!!! We were able to welcome her back to the Coop Monday morning and again there are three! Thanks Whitmans for taking such good care of her- the students were thrilled to see her sweet return!