Storm ready? We sure hope so!

What does the Storm mean for the Garden in General and the Chickens specifically? We are glad you asked! First we want to let you now that Chickens are storm/snow and generally weather proof! Did you know that the average chicken has 8,500 feathers? These feathers work together to create the chicken version of a down coat! They puff up to trap air between their bodies and their feather coat to keep warm! Aren’t these guys amazing? Pretty Hen-sational if you ask me!  In addition to their natural weather proofing- The coop is a warm and safe place and the incredibly sturdy run is built to last! In other preparedness news: When we came in today to move loose items into covered areas and do a quick once over ahead of the storm Desiree gave us the contact information for a Phoebe Grandma named Naomi who had already been out there! She helped to cover the chicken feed and tidy up! What a thoughtful lady!! Huge thanks Naomi- it was great chatting with you and we appreciate your concern and your efforts! We are looking forward to you joining us out in the Garden one of these Fridays!! Naomi is part of what makes Phoebe Great!!!!

Last but not least you may be wondering what happens Garden Friday? We plan to go on with our day as scheduled baring any weather related issues. If you signed up to volunteer and the weather permits- please join us! Generally speaking a light sprinkle won’t keep us down – but significant showers will!