Phoebe Hens & Air Plants

Oh, what a busy day!

Mrs. Ripley’s 1st grade class and Mrs. Watson’s Kindergarten class joined us for the first time this year out in the garden! They were introduced to the Phoebe hens and learned all about the chicken life cycle, what they eat, how they sleep and when/where they lay eggs. We were lucky to hear the tell tale sounds of egg laying while we were out in the garden and the students got to see the freshest possible egg. Did you know that chickens put themselves to bed at dusk? Your students do! Ask them about more chicken facts!

We looked at a variety of “Air Plants” (also called Tillandsias) and compared them to pineapple sage plants that were rooted in water. Air plants take their nutrients right out of the air!

The students also planted garlic, beets and carrots. While discussing the different parts of the beet plant and which parts are edible, the students in Mrs. Ripley’s class made the connection to a test they had taken the day before in their Science class covering the parts of a plant. It was impressive to see all the hands in the air when students were asked if they’d ever tried a beet before!

A big THANK YOU to the parent volunteers this morning! Thank you for spending part of your day with the students. It’s always great to see you!

We Plant. We Sow. We Learn. We Grow!