It’s a Garden Party–Lettuce Turn-ip the Beet!!

Another great Garden Friday! As the weather decides to finally agree with the calendar we are getting our fall crops planted!

Mrs. Warren brought her 3rd graders out and planted beets, lettuce and turnips. Did you know that before carving pumpkins became a tradition people carved turnips for Halloween?

3rd grader Christopher tending to Bella, the hen

Some crops we planted from seed while others were starts (baby plants). The students worked in stations and rotated through planting, watering and chicken tending.

Luckily we had some skilled worm hunters out today. They helped rid out cabbage and kale of these damaging pests!!

In our final station, parent volunteer Lorraine, introduced them to the latest addition to our garden: Composting Worms!

Lorraine, our Phoebe Worm Docent! The students were fascinated by these hard working worms!


These guys turn almost anything into excellent fertilizers in the form of castings (droppings) and “tea”. Worm Tea?!? That’s right! Ask your students if they learned any fun worm facts today!

Harvested today–these beans turn bright green when cooked!

Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Nazari brought their classes out next as part of a special group–The Kinder-Buddies!!! Watching the 5th grade buddies rise to the challenge of guiding their Kindergarten partners, emphasizing team work and friendship, is pretty cool. They learned about chickens and worms and planted carrots together.

Thank you Ann for working with our Kinder-Buddies! Parent volunteers make the garden even more fun!

Mr. Iliff brought a mix of his 4th graders and Mr. White’s 4th graders out today. They were our last class of the day and were able to get so much accomplished! We talked about chickens and were excited to learn that we have a teacher/farmer at Phoebe! Mr. Iliff was able to share some interesting chicken behaviors! Ask your students about how his hens co-parent!! These students also planted the remaining lettuce plants, watered all of the other classes’ plantings, started some beets and turnips and took the hens on a field trip to the Dwarf Orchard and the Habitat Garden.

Wrapping this up with Gratitude:

A huge THANK YOU to all of the wonderful parent and grandparent volunteers today! We truly appreciate your help and enjoy your company!

Another THANK YOU to Lorraine Garrison for her efforts in adding composting worms to our garden!

Last but not least, THANK YOU to the many Phoebe families that have pulled caterpillar notes from our wish list board in the office! We’ve received your tools and are so excited to put them to use!

Our “Garden Wish List” located in the front office
We plant. We sow. We learn. We grow!