Feeling Good From My Head ToMaToes!

Thank you Mrs. Relles for braving the fog this chilly morning and bringing your class out to work with our many parent volunteers in four Garden Stations! Kindergartners were able to get some Carrots planted, Be Chicken Herders, Learn about Composting Worms and be Garden Detectives! Did you know that the plant (green part) of a carrot can grow up to 3 Feet tall and flowers in late summer? So that’s where Carrot Seeds come from! Mystery solved! The Worms were a huge hit with the Kindergarten! We took a look at what the worms eat and how they live and we fed them a breakfast of kitchen scraps and paper. Most of the students could identify the contents of their breakfast bucket but none of them wanted to try any. The Students were surprised to find out that given enough time Worms will eat an entire book or even a piece of cotton clothing- but it is true! Books are paper and paper comes from trees, Cotton comes from a cotton plant. When it comes to lunch- these worms aren’t picky! Ask your Student about the amazing composting Worms! A big THANK YOU to the parents who came out this morning!

Mr. Henricksen and his 6th Graders were next out in the garden this morning and what a difference an hour can make! The fog lifted and there was a sunny day waiting for us! They got to work getting the Tomatoes pulled and the soil turned in the raised planters for our next crop, they raked the Decomposed Granite paths around the Raised Beds, continued the Mulching project and watered the newly planted seedlings as well as all of our other Fall crops. Hillary and I encouraged them to self manage and they were amazing as they organized, broke into groups and got to work all on their own. We decided to pull the Tomatoes but we let a different summer crop march on into Fall- that crop is…. the Cucumbers!! They are still covered in Blossoms and a dozen tiny fuzzy baby cucumbers. They won’t survive a hard freeze but we decided to see if they might mature before then! Stay tuned!

We hope to see you all at the Harvest Festival tomorrow! Come out for a great time- Rain or Shine!

Have a great weekend Phoebe Families!

We Plant. We Sow. We Learn. We Grow!