Dragon Values

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Dear Parents,

As you know, we have officially introduced the Dragon Values of Phoebe Hearst! There are nine core values that we expect of our students as well as ourselves with respect to conduct, attitude, and character each and every day! To reinforce these values, we have hung posters in each classroom and around campus – so far, the values have generated some great dialogue and reflections among staff and students.

While it is not too much to expect that every student exhibits our Dragon Values, it is important that some outstanding students get recognized for their character and citizenship. Each month, I’ve asked teachers to nominate one boy and one girl who have demonstrated one or more of the Dragon Values in an exemplary way. Those nominees will be announced to the school at the end of the month, then one boy and one girl from each grade level will be chosen as that month’s Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragons will be treated to a luncheon with me, and their excellent citizenship will be put on display in the front office for all to see! In my opinion, even getting nominated for a Golden Dragon award is amazing in itself, so I’m excited to see all of those Dragon Values on display around campus and in classrooms.

Finally, I must recognize the efforts of Marco Martinez, Teresa Maldonado, Abigail Ishihara, and Gina Ketcher for helping create and implement the Dragon Values. Their work has been central to the success of the program and without their input and expertise, we would not have made such progress.

Nate McGill
Phoebe Hearst Elementary

Phoebe Hearst Dragon Values