PHE Drop-off and Pick-up Guide for Parents


  • Parents that are dropping off their students may enter the Front Parking Lot on 60th Street.
  • To use the Quick Drop Lane, parents need to enter the Quick Drop Lane Entrance, which is sectioned off with traffic cones (illustrated in yellow on the map).
  • Once a vehicle passes through the crosswalk and is in the Quick Drop Area, the student may exit the car from the passenger side in front of the yellow post, OR as directed by a traffic volunteer.
  • It is important to note that the purpose of the Quick Drop Area is for students ready to exit the car with all that they may need for the day – parents should not exit the car in the Quick Drop Lane. Once the student has exited, parents will exit the parking lot onto Folsom Blvd.
  • Parents may find parking in the front lot, but need to continue circling around if there are no spots immediately available to preserve the flow. Students may also enter the school through the Playground Gate.
  • Parents dropping off their students on 60th Street to enter the school through the Playground Gate should pull to the white curb for passenger loading. Those students will use the crosswalk opposite the gate as necessary. At no time should parents double park, if even for a moment, for their students to jump out of the car.


  • Parents that wish to use the Quick Pick-up Lane may enter the Front Parking Lot on 60th Street.
  • Just as with the Quick Drop in the morning, parents will drive through the Quick Pick-up Lane to pick up their students. To preserve the flow of traffic, students should be waiting in the Quick Pick-up Waiting Area (illustrated in white on the map).
  • It is important that students do not wait in front of the Front Office, as that is an area of high traffic after school. If a student has not arrived in the waiting area by the time a parent comes through the lane, the parent may should circle around the parking lot again.
  • For students exiting the school through the gate that leads to the Front Parking Lot, a parent must accompany them in person.

It is vital that all families adhere to the Pick-up and Drop-off procedures, as they help everyone get to where they need to be safely and on time. Please use caution at all times, refrain from distractions (cell phones, for example), observe the speed limit, heed the crosswalk at all times, and refrain from parking in the Staff Parking Lot. Finally, please follow the directions of the traffic volunteers at all times.