Parent Forum Follow-up

August 29th, 2014

Dear Phoebe Families,

Thank you to all those that came out last night to the Parent Forum, it was a very productive event. I began with my vision for the school, my core values as principal, the Common Core and instructional shifts, and then we opened the floor for comments about what makes Phoebe Hearst such a great school and what things we could do to improve it even more.

Though I will not cover my entire presentation, I want to share my core values here, as I want you to know my point of reference for being your principal each day.

I believe that school is a place where students learn to be citizens, a place where they learn to deal with adversity, a place where they learn the value of hard work and consistency, a place where they learn to be resourceful, and a place where they learn what interests them. With those values in mind, and with the understanding that we make all decisions in the best interest of our students, the staff of Phoebe Hearst approaches each day excited to help your kids.

It was great to hear all of the positive comments about the school from our parents. Namely, I heard how our excellent office staff supports family with their care, consistency, and attention to detail. Our teachers also received much praise for how attentive they are to the needs of each of their students, how willing they are to communicate, and how skillful they are at what they do. Finally, many parents echoed the sentiment that the school is such a community – always welcoming.

Equally important to hearing about what makes our school so amazing was hearing feedback about what we can do better – there is always room for improvement! Parents had questions regarding how we will make the Common Core standards accessible for all learners, technology upgrades, increasing yard duty volunteers, future plans for expanding the pick-up and drop-off area, and staffing the library (we have hired a part-time librarian, our very own Desiree Pierson!). No sooner than sitting down to my computer Thursday morning had I already received a number of emails from parents wanting to help out in the areas mentioned at the Parent Forum – how impressive! In the meantime, we are working hard to find the resources required to address your concerns.

As always, we at Phoebe Hearst value the voice of our families and communities. Please feel free to send me an email or call if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.


Nate McGill
Phoebe Hearst Elementary School