Harvest Festival Tickets on Pre-Sale Thursday & Friday

Harvest Festival is the this Saturday, October 12th from 4-9 pm!

Skip the long lines and buy your Harvest Festival Tickets in advance. The PTO will be pre-selling booth tickets on campus Thursday and Friday. Here’s the details:

We will pre-sell tickets on Thursday and Friday.

24 Tickets for $10

48 Tickets for $20

-Each activity/booth  will cost 1-6 tickets (face painting is 6 tickets)

At the Harvest Festival there will be 10 incredible gift baskets for raffle! Raffle tickets will be available at the event only and winners will be announced at morning announcements on Monday 10/16. The cost of raffle tickets will be:

1 for $1
7 for $5
15 for $10
30 for $20
We hope to see you on Saturday!