Jog-a-thon Fundraiser 10/25/13

You can download and print the following information here: Jogathon Info 2013

When  is  it?
Friday,  Oct  25th

Where  is  it?
Phoebe  Hearst Soccer Field Area

What  is  it?
The  2013-­‐14 annual  Art  Program  fundraising  event.  Each  grade   will  take  turns  running  for  15  minutes  around  a  track   set  out  on  the  field.    The  13-­‐14  Jog-­‐a-­‐thon   fundraising  goal  is  $25,000.    Donations  Due   by  Friday,  Oct  11th

How  do  pledges  work?
The  Jog-­‐a-­‐thon  raises  money  by  students  and  their  families  soliciting  sponsors  (your  family,  friends,  neighbors  and   coworkers)  to  pledge  at  a  flat  rate.    Let  them  know  how  many  laps  you  plan  on  running,  jogging  or  walking  to  inspire those  donations!    Donations  are  tax  deductible.    One  lap  around  the  field  is  equal  to  approx.  a  1/5  of  a  mile.

To  be  eligible  for  prizes  all  donations  are  due  to  your child’s teacher by 8:10 am on Friday, October  11th. Prizes  will  be  awarded  to  students  raising  total pledges  at  the  following  levels:

Phoebe  Runner: $20  to  $49.99  =  T-­‐shirt  (Exciting  New  Color!!!)  which  is  accepted as  uniform

Dragon  Buddy:  $50  to  $99.99  =  T-­‐shirt  &  new  water  bottle

Dragon  Master:  $100  &  up  =  T-­‐shirt,  new  water  bottle  &  a  PH  Jog  for  the  Arts beanie  hat.

Drawing  Dragon:  $125  or  more  =  your name  goes  into  a  drawing  for  many  fabulous prizes!

For  every  additional  $100  donation  above  this  level,  your  name  will  get  placed  in the  drawing  again. (Please  note:  only  one  drawing  prize  per  student)

Dragon  Champion: $200    &  up  =  T-­‐shirt, new  water  bottle  &  a  beanie  hat,  drawing  entry   and  a  limited  edition  PH  Jog  for  the  Arts fleece  also  accepted  as  uniform.

The top  two  pledge  earners  will  earn   lunch  and  movie  for  three  friends  with Principal  Egan   and  Coach  Moreno.

Class  prizes  will  be  awarded  as  follows:  Top   Primary  Pledge  earning  Class  and Top  Intermediate   Pledge  Earning  Class  will  earn  a  Pizza  Party!!!

Any  class  with  100%  participation  (all  students   contributing  pledges  of  $2  or  more) will  earn  a  special Free  Dress  Day  just  for  their  class!!!!

Individual  rewards:
Colorful  Toe Tokens specified for the number of laps they complete.  Also,  medals  will  be  awarded  to  the   boy  and  girl  in  each  class  who  run  the  most  laps.

Grand  Finale!
Once  again  we  will  host  a  6th  grade  race  as  our  grand   finale  to  the  event. The top  boy  and  top  girl  runner   will  win  a  fabulous  trophy.    We  hope  that   everyone  will  come  out  and  support  our  kids!    All  6th   graders  who  raise  at  least $2  will  be  eligible  to  run  in   this  exciting  race.